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Dealing with mental stress


Dealing with mental stress is no joke. Going through mental stress is like being strapped at the end of a bumper car, with the bumper car driving at full speed and bumping into the other cars and I am being hit left right center by the other cars. That is what mental stress feels like.

The article highlights the negative effects mental stress had on my mental health.

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Work hard for Passion and not for stress ! !

working hard something that you dont love is called stress. working hard for something that you love is called passion

Working hard for something that you don’t love is called stress. Working hard for something that you love is called Passion.

The above statement is so true. If I was stuck in a routine of working hard at that place(work),coming home and had no release for five days a week, I would end up stressed.

That’s why some people take sick leave due to work-related issues.

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