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Stay cool for the summer with our Summer workout tips

Summer is finally here and boy the weather is HOT HOT HOT !  I love to jog in the sun and workout in my home but it can get uncomfortable especially when we have a heatwave.

summer workout tips

This article highlights summer workout tips on how to stay cool in the summer. So exercise fanatics can exercise no matter what despite how humid it is.

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Exercising whilst my ankle was sprained

Genevievelooking snatched

Even though the jogging queen was out of bounds there was no excuse to let things slide and look like a roly-poly now!. The queen must keep it nice, right and tight. Even though I am seeing more muscle definition I still have jiggly bits that need seeing too you know what I am saying! So the Jogging Queen has to look snatch always.

My motto is to keep it right, keep it tight. During the two to three weeks, I had to put jogging on the back burner and instead concentrate on doing my own personalized workout programme.

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Workout exercises to fight the skinny fat

These are the work out exercises I do on a weekly basis to help keep my body tight and reduce my skinny fat problem.


armsonhips fighting skinny fat
My toned arms now
my arms in 2011

Since September 2016, I started doing these arm workouts with 4kg and 2kg dumbbells. I do arm exercises 1 hour 3 times a week.


squats keep my legs tight

Also twice a week, I started to do 5 set of 20 reps of squats to get rid of the jiggle and as and I noticed muscle tone in my legs. Jogging The cheekie clap and cheekie crunch involves legwork. So this helps tone my thighs.
When I get to my target weight 10 stone and 7lbs I would increase my squats to three times a week and also increase my repetitions.


Like most people, the stomach is the hardest part to shift. My stomach was always my main problem area seen in the image on the right.

Me in April 2014.

Since January this year, I started twisting my waist side to side holding 4kg and 2kg dumbbells to get rid of my love handles. My muscles have started to build up under the fat and my stomach feels firmer.

I also do stand-up crunches and knee claps to target my lower mid-section on my previous blog.

  • Standup crunches: I do 10 sets of 100.
  •  I do twists exercise once a week. I do 10 to 15 reps of 100 once a week.
  • The knee clap: I do 10 sets of 30. I stand with your legs slightly apart and put my hands out in a 90-degree position above my knee and squeezing in my belly as tight as possible. I move my legs vigorously on the spot whilst my knees are touching the palm of my hands.
  • I do stand up crunches and Knee clap exercises once a week.


I love to jog

Jogging is a good fat burner as it helps tighten to my jiggly bits. Jogging is different to running on a treadmill. With jogging I am carrying my own body weight and running on the ground nothing is carrying me. I jog hour and 30 minutes 5 times a week

Lose your belly ,waist and love handles with these exercises

waisttrainerintro lose belly fat

Why spend between £20 or £40 to achieve a small waist and lose those love handles when you can do this in the comfort of your home.

Lose your waist and love handles with these exercises.

  • Cheekietwizzle stationery: Legs slightly wide apart. Squeeze your belly in as tight as possible. Twist your torso to the right or left side of their body until the cannot twist anymore and return again to the twist the opposite side. Cheekietwizzles builds muscle under the fat and gives you a flatter stomach. This is also good for the love handles. You should start doing 3 reps of 50 each side twice a week
  • Cheekietwizzle jumping: same as the above but you will be doing actual twists on the spot.Cheekietwizzles builds muscle under the fat and gives you a flatter stomach. You should start doing 3 reps of 50 on each side twice a week
  • Cheekiestuck (stationary and fast-paced): Clasp your hands behind your head whilst standing straight and squeezing your belly in. Your right elbow should touch your left knee and then the repeat again with the left elbow touching your right knee.  This Exercise should be done fast pace.
  • CheekieKnee clap: Stand with your legs slightly apart.  Place your hands out in a 90-degree position above their knee and squeeze in your stomach as tight as possible. Move your legs vigorously on the spot whilst your knees are touching the palm of my hands. Start by doing  10 reps of 30 twice a week.

The above exercises target the lowers abdomen which is a common problem in apple shape, pear-shaped and orange shaped woman who have had kids. The exercises help get rid of overhang sagging effect.

All four tummy exercises help burn belly fat and build muscle, which results in a flatter tummy with more definition.