What we do

Cheekiesweightloss provide goods and services to individuals that want weight loss and a healthy lifestyle.

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Cheekiesweightloss mission “is to make the person leaner and fitter, with guidance on healthy eating and lifestyle”.

We are more than just weightloss

We provide a wide range of products

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How it all started!

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The backstory

Cheekiesweightloss was started in 2013.

Genevieve created an online shop within zazzle.com called Gendesigns4u. She then created a facebook to promote her online shop and sent Paul a friend request. Imediatley alarm bells start ringing and paul decided to start up Herbalife. So in 2013 Cheekiesweightloss was born.

How Paul got started on Herbalife

Paul was introduced to Herbalife in February 2003 when he saw an advertisement in the local jobcentre about starting his own business. Paul called the number and found out that business involved distributing natural weight loss products.

Paul was overweight and saw Herbalife as an opportunity to lose weight and get healthier, he took out his credit card and paid £2,500. Within a couple of months of taking Herbalife Products he the excess weight and reached his goal weight of 10 and half stone.Paul says "Before Herbalife I was always short of breath but not I have a lot more energy .

Since February 2003 Paul is still taking Herbalife Products and has not looked back.

Save the best till last for the Jogging Queen

jogging queen

Let me Introduce myself

Hi, you may know me as the Jogging Queen but I was actually born as Genevieve Lorraine Smith. I am the webmistress,blogger, graphic designer for cheekiesweightloss
I am a fitness freak I love jogging and I love exercising

I love the colours pink and purple as you can see throughout the website. As you will navigate the site you will get to know me a lot better.

Why am I the jogging Queen?

Firstly I love to Jog and second I am Queen no pun intended right.

I am educated and I boss who is running my budding own empire and I have made milestones throughout my life.