Fabulous Covid-19 face masks

Thanks to Covid-19, it is now a requirement to wear facemasks in a public space like buses and supermarkets. Don’t look to gloomy check out these cool face masks that you can wear only available on Gendesigns4u

Fabulous Zazzle Covid-19 face masks

​​The face masks designs are of previous artwork that has been uploaded to apparel and non-apparel items. You can personalize the face masks by changing the background color and adding text or the name of your choice.

Gendesigns4u face masks

Here are some of Gendesigns4u facemasks that are available on and

fabulous covid-19 
face masks
a few of gendesigns4u face masks

Creating your own face mask

Click on the link on how to design your own custom face mask on Gendesigns4u and cheekiesweightloss. All you need to do is to remove “replace with your own text or image” an add your own image or text and choose from a wide range of background colours. The process of designing your own mask is similar to designing your own apparel and non-apparel items.

covid-19 face mask

If you want to look and feel Poppin purchase our facemasks now.

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