Create your own custom face mask

Because of Covid-19, it is the new norm to wear face masks in a public space. Blame Covid-19!! Don’t look too gloomy instead of wearing those bland facemasks from the shops, you now can design your own fabulous face masks on and

custom face mask covid-19

The process of creating your own face mask is similar to creating your own apparel and non-apparel items. You can customize your face mask by adding your own text or images and choosing from a wide range of colors.

Here are the steps to create your own mask face mask

To create your own face mask click on the face masks category seen below.

custom face mask create own face mask covid-19

Then scroll down to the webpage until you see a white facemask with black writing and click on it.

A new page loads up and click edit design.

custom facemask

Jazzing up your face mask

If you want to remove the text, select the text, and click the red bin icon to delete the text.

create custom face mask covid-19

To add an image to your face mask, on the right-hand corner of the webpage click my files and then click upload. Use the corners to drag and resize the image to your liking.

To add a background colour , on the right-hand side click Bkground and then select the colour of your choice. seen in the image below.

custom mask change background colour

If you want to add text to your mask, just click T(text) seen below

covid-19 custom face mask

If you are not happy with the chosen font-style, font-color, or font size on the left-hand side you can change this on the left-hand side seen in the image below. Once you are happy with your design click done.

covid-19 face masks

The image below shows the custom design face mask. Zazzle gives you the option to customize the face mask further by allowing you to change the Earloop strap size and piping and Ear loop strap colour. To change the colour or strap size click the more link.

As seen in the image below I have chosen a pink colour for the ear strap and piping.

Below is the completed face mask. If you are pleased with your custom face mask. Click add to cart.

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