Customize your own clothing exclusively at

You  can customize your own clothing at

Customize shirts

How to customize your clothing at

  1. To customize your own clothing click on the category create your own style


2. For example, I want to create a custom ladies shirt so I select the T-shirt image seen below.

customize tshirt

3.  A new page loads up with the black shirt and click the customize button

customize t-shirt

4.A new dialogue opens up. To remove the image, select the image and click the small red x on the left seen below.

customize shirt

5. To add an image click the Add image button  and choose any image from your computer seen below.

6.To add text to your design click Add text and type any words of your choice. When the text is selected a dialogue appears at the bottom where you can customize the text further. You can change the font style, font color, and font size. You can select the text

7.To resize the text, select the text  and drag the square corners and resize to your preference.

cusstomize shirt

Adding images or text at the back of shirt

To add images to the back of  your shirt on the right hand corner select Back: Text & images. Or on the left select the preview buttons.Seen below in the images.

back of customize t-shirt

 To add text or images just repeat the steps above to add text at front of shirt.

customize back of shirt

When you are finished click done.

Customize further

To customize your Zazzle shirt further you can change the style and color.
Customize zazzle shirt

To change the style of your shirt

Under style click the link blue link More. When you click more a pop up shows the various shirt styles available.  Here you can browse through the many styles and select any style of your choice.

Customize style

 To change the colour of your shirt

Under colour  pick the colour of your choice. If you want more colours click the blue link More.

Customize colour


Before adding your item to the shopping cart you have to select the size first.

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