Don’t Know, Don’t care,cus I am poppin!

Check out our new design Don’t know, Don’t Care cus I am poppin! This is available only on and

Don;t Know,Don't care cus I am poppin shirt

Meaning behind Don’t know, Don’t Care cus I am poppin!

This means I am not interested in what’s going around me and don’t care about anyone’s opinion as I am hot. Sometimes in life, we can get consumed in the negativity and drawn into messiness but the message of the shirt says it all really.

In life you have people trying to tear you down in order to feel better about their miserable lives, but the shirt lets them know who is boss.

Sometimes you gotta throw on your crown and let them know who run tings. The design is similar to Am I bothered Aww Hell Naw!

The artwork was created using Adobe Photoshop. 

Why I added I am Poppin!

 My work colleague was singing to me “you’re on and poppin”, it made me laugh and I realised she got from Ray J’s song “wait a minute”. I was also listening to “wait a minute” and could not get the word poppin out of my head.

I am poppin Apparel items

Don’t know and Don’t care cus I am poppin is available in 158 apparel styles for men, women, children, babies, pregnant women. You can select from a wide range of styles, colours and even sizes.
This is also available in maternity clothing and plus-sized clothing.

I am poppin

I am poppin Non Apparel items

This is also available in non-apparel items such as cups kitchen towels, pillows,cups, mobile phone cases, clocks and so much more.

Don't Know, Don't care cus I am poppin cup

How to customize apparel and non-apparel items!

Select the item you want to customize on the page and then click customise.

I am poppin

change style or colour

To customize your Zazzle shirt further you can change the style and colour. Under style click the blue link More. When you click more a pop up shows the various shirt styles available. Here you can browse through the many styles and select any style of your choice. To change the colour of your shirt under colour select the colour of your choice. 

ustomize i am poppin style

Add text

A new dialogue opens up. To add text click Add Text .When the text is selected a dialogue appears at the bottom where you can change the font style, font colour, and font size.

To make the text fit within the safety line, reduce the images. select the image and drag the square corners and resize . In the snapshot below there are two identical cover images for the front and back. If you want a different cover image at the front or back , you can click the X seen on the right or just select the image and click the red x to delete. When you are finished click done.

customize I am poppin


Final result

customizedI am poppin


Before adding your item to the shopping cart you have to select the size first.

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