Exercise’s for my Endomorph body type

As you guys know I have an endomorph body type and I gain weight easily. It is a must for me to go hardcore with my workout program as my body is soft and jiggly, and I don’t have visible muscle definition.

Exercises for body type

My workout program for my endomorph body type involves HIIT(High Intensity Interval Training) Training and jogging, and I do both between 5 to six days a week.  

HIIT Workout


By doing HIIT Training workout I can focus on problem areas of my body where stubborn fat is stored and is hard to shift. My stomach is a carrier of stubborn fat and is very jiggly. This has been an insecurity of mines since I can remember. With doing knees high jogging on the spot and various jumping exercises this help firm up my lower stomach and reduce the wobbliness in my stomach. Focusing on my problem areas makes me feel more confident about my body.

For my Endomorph body I do two types of HIIT workouts – HIIT cardio AND HIIT Weights

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 HIIT CARDIO exercises (no weights):

  • High reps of Standing obliques exercises for the stomach and love handles. For example, doing 10 sets of 100 reps
  • Standing oblique twists without dumbbells .For example doing 100 reps between obliques, jumping jacks and knee highs
  • High reps of Classic jumping jacks. For example, doing 10 sets of 60 reps
  • High reps of Jumping jacks moving my arms diagonally in front of me without weights and jumping jacks doing arm lifts. For example, doing 15 sets of 60
  • Knee highs jogging on the spot. For example, doing 15 sets of 30
  • Donkey kicks

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HIIT weight exercise involves dumbells:

  • Involves standing oblique exercises for the stomach and love handles
  • Standing oblique twists with 4kg dumbells
  • Jumping exercises moving my arms diagonally in front of me holding 2kg dumbells, jumping jacks exercise raising 2kg dumbbells similar.
  • Standing oblique twists using 4kg dumbells,
  • Various arm exercises with dumbells standing up
  • Sumo squats (arm exercises in a squat position)
  • Row the boat holding 2kg dumbells

I do HIIT Weights and HIIT Cardio exercises two to three times a week in between my jogging.

Improving HIIT for my body type

Since I started HIIT in 2016 I was doing more HIIT weights than HIIT cardio. With doing HIIT weights and plus being an Endomorph took a toll on my body. My body began to look bulky, especially around my lower body, as I accumulate more fat and muscle cells in my legs, butt and stomach.

Having an Endomorph body type plus being under severe stress from May 2019 to present-day and doing HIIT weights had an impact on my weight. From may 2019 my weight increased from 11 stone 2lbs to 11 stone 9lbs from gaining gaining muscle and body fat despite jogging.

To get my weight down between 146 and 154 pounds I will be doing more HIIT Cardio and less HITT weights. So two days a week I will focus on HIIT cardio exercises( maximum 2hrs a day )and once a week focus on HIIT weights. In my HIIT Weights workout program, I will increase my repetitions of cardio exercises, for example, 20 sets of 60 reps jumping jacks with weights.

Increasing my cardio workout will help me lose the excess weight. My body responds better to cardio than weights. When I am near my target weight, I will do a balance of HIIT weights and HIIT Cardio


Endomorph jogging queen

Jogging is good for my endomorph frame and is better than the treadmill. I jog 3 to 4 times a week at long distances between 60 and 90 minutes. With jogging, I am carrying my own body weight and going against gravity and I am burning calories. With running on the treadmill, the machine is carrying my body and is doing the work.

Jogging is affective after I do my HIIT Training because jogging strips of the fat from the muscle whilst HIIT Training burns fat and builds muscle. Jogging tones my body and tightens up my jiggly bits.

My endomorph body is used to jogging 3 to 4 times a week. I can’t jog more than 4 days a week, in the past, I could but now I can’t. I can’t do more or less what my body is used to.

Never miss a beat

Being an Endomorph I can’t go more than two days without exercising as my weight would start to increase by the second day. Even though I have improved my endomorph body type and shape, my body still stores a lot of body fat and I don’t have defined muscles.

Even when my weight fluctuates, or I am at a heavier weight I still must maintain my jogging and HIIT Training. It’s like a domino effect.  If I don’t exercise regularly than all my hard work will go wayside and I will lose muscle tone and my body fat levels would increase.

Workouts improve my Endomorph

Thanks to HIIT and Jogging I have seen improvements with my Endomorph body type.

Exercises for my Endomorph body type
Me in May 2019 being happy about my shape
Click to learn the Benefits of jogging and HIIT workouts has on my Endomorph body type »

  • Gained muscle mass on my body frame, My body feels and looks stronger.
  • I have muscle definition in my arms and legs.
  • My waist is smaller
  • Despite not having abdominals my upper stomach is firmer and my stomach is not wobbly as before. So I must be doing something right.
  • My buttocks feel firmer and lifted and not saggy. The skin around my buttocks is not dimply and is much firmer.
  • Even though my weight fluctuates, my body does not look jiggly or bulky as before when I was at a heavier weight.

Even though I have improved my endomorph body type with HIIT Training and Jogging I have accepted that my body will never be 100% firm. It is very easy for my body to get soft as my body carries more body fat then muscle especially if I gain weight. I have accepted that I always have to work 10times harder to get in shape and that I can’t stop my jogging and HIIT Training. I can’t change the fact that I am an Endomorph and that I put on weight easily

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