Happy Birthday the KING OF POP

Happy Birthday KING OF POP.  Michael Jackson would have been 59 today.
 Happy Birthday Michael Jackson King of Pop

Happy Birthday Michael Jackson!

The king of pop would have been 59 today. Cheekiesweightloss celebrates the late Michael Jackson’s Birthday.

Why I love and look up to the King of Pop!

The king of Pop is a trailblazer and my inspiration, he came from a poor working-class family to being an icon.

From a young kid to being grown Michael Jackson never stopped he had a good work ethic and knew what he wanted. Michael worked his socks off to perfect his vocals, dance moves and songs. No one never gave Michael anything he had to work hard to get the awards, money and fame.

Michael Jackson went through a lot of upheaval in his career with people trying to keep him down and doors being shut in his face. Michael Jackson never let the obstacles affect him, he kicked down those doors to become the first black artist to be played on MTV and to being the biggest selling artist of all time.

What I love about Michael Jackson is that he never settled for what was there, he went above and beyond. If Michael Jackson listened to doubters, haters and cynics he would not achieve the same level of success.

It was a sad day when Michael Jackson died, but his legacy still lives on. Michael Jackson was always impersonated but never duplicated.P eople copied his dress sense, the moonwalk, his singing and dancing but there is only one Michael Jackson.

Michael Jackson is an example that you can achieve anything you want in life, but you have to put the work in. Like he said in his hit song Don’t stop till you Get enough.

I am not going to stop till I get enough. Can’t stop won’t stop!


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