I am not saint , I am not a sinner but a winner

Check out this design I am not a saint, I am not a sinner but I am a winner available exclusively at and

iam not a saint, i am not a sinner but I am winner

Meaning Behind I am not a saint and not sinner but a winner

This means I have a past, I have made mistakes but I have overcome my mistakes to become the person who I am today. There is a saying every saint has a past and every sinner has a future.

Everyone on this planet has done things that they are ashamed off, but rather than move on we have a tendency to throw someone’s past in their face.

How I created this design

The image was designed in September 2012 using Adobe Photoshop. I created the text effects using Photoshop. The images were hand drawn and were scanned on to my laptop and manipulated in Photoshop.

I am not a saint and not a sinner apparel and non-apparel

Apparel items

The saint and sinner items are available 158 styles apparel for men, women, children (boys and girls) and maternity size. You can customize the styles and colours based on your preference. 

I am not a saint or sinner but a winner
I am not a saint or sinner but a winner

Non Apparel items

The saint and sinner items are available in stickers, cards, cups, aprons, decorations, craft supplies and paper products.

Customize I am not a saint and sinner

To add additional text or images to your design click the customize button seen in the diagram below.

custpmize saont and sinner shirt

 To add text click Add Text . When the text is selected a dialogue appears at the bottom where you can change the font style, font colour, alignment and font size. When you first add a text layer this will appear in the centre. To position, the text at the top or bottom just select the text layer and move. 

When you include text or images to the design this is highlighted in the preview on the left-hand side. To add text or images on the flip side just click Back: Text & images on the right hand column  This is illustrated in the diagram below. Click done when you are satisfied with your design.

customize saint and sinner shirt

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