Jogging Queen One and Only

Check out my new custom Jogging Queen shirt that I created on for myself. This design is similar to the personalised makeup bag which I had done a while back.

jogging queen shirt

Jogging Queen One and Only

The meaning behind Jogging Queen

  • I am the original jogging queen and I can never be duplicated.
  • Queen of Jogging. I can jog in light rain, wind, hot, humid, cold weather except for snow and heavy heavy rain.
  • I run the streets , the streets don’t run me.

Why I am the Jogging queen

  • I am strong mentally, physically and emotionally. I am no sheep
  • I am a Queen because I am self-made. I have a degree, I own my own home and I run my own business. MI RUN TINGs, TINGS NUH RUN MI.
  • I don’t allow anybody to disrespect me or walk over me, because I will check them back.
  • I am a go-getter . I ain’t no princess waiting on things to be given to me.
  • I have zero tolerance for drama, gossip, and nonsense. I have a life and don’t live off people.
  • I have had setbacks and struggles but I am still here standing and shining like a diamond.
  • I uphold high standards and requirements.

How I created the logo

jogging queen logo

I created the logo using photoshop. The pink cutout is a picture of myself doing a jogging pose. I applied artistic effects to the image and then filled this with a pink color.

The crown image seen on the letter Q and on the image cutout was drawn on Photoshop. The trainers in the logo are mine. I took a picture of my trainers and uploaded this to photoshop and applied the poster edges artistic effect.

Future Jogging Queen items

In the future, I will upload the logo onto cups and bags and non-apparel items.

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