Life is a jigsaw! The pieces will come together!

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Life is a jigsaw pieces will come together shirt

jigsaw shirt
by Gendesigns4u

What is the message of life is a jigsaw! Pieces will come together!

The meaning of life is a jigsaw is that everything will work out in end.

Sometimes we think life is harsh when we get disappointments or when we have to go through struggles.

But when we become successful and get blessings in life you realize that certain things were not meant to happen. 

Breakdown of design

I used photoshop to create the text effects. I drew the jigsaw by hand and scanned this onto my computer. I opened the scanned file in  Photoshop and applied colours and artistic effects onto the jigsaw.

Life is a jigsaw merchandise!

Apparel items

Life is a jigsaw! is available in apparel items for men, women, children, and babies. This is also available in maternity fashion for pregnant women.
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life is a jigsaw pieces come together apparel

Non-Apparel items

Life is a jigsaw! is available in 115 non-apparel items such as stickers, phone cases, ornaments and in kitchen essentials, seen below.

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You can customize apparel and non-apparel items by adding your name or text of your choice.

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