Mi run tings Tings nuh run mi

Check out this latest design Mi run tings, Tings nuh run me available at and

mi run tings tings nuh run mi

Meaning behind Mi run tings, tings nuh run Mi

Mi run tings, tings nuh run mi, let people know that I am the boss, king or queen, and  I run things and things don’t run me. We have been in situations were :

  • People will try to dictate to you or try and change who you are,
  • People want you to do things their way,
  • Being bossed around,
  • Weak to temptation,

Mi run tings with food

Another example is food. Some people allow food to control them and as a result:

  • end up overweight or obese,
  • weight constantly up and down,
  • unsuccessful with weight loss goals and maintaining weight loss.

If you ever have the urge to binge just throw on the shirt and tell your tummy that you are boss.

Mi run tings apparel and non-apparel


Mi run tings is available in 158 apparel styles for men, women, children, babies, pregnant women. You can select from a wide range of styles, colors and even sizes.Sometimes you gotta throw on the shirt and let people know who they are dealing with.

mi run tings, tings nuh run mi apparel


This is also available in non-apparel items such as mobile phone cases,wallets and in household items .

mi run tings non apparel

Check out this cute mi run tings draw string bag

Customize mi run tings

customize run tings

Click the customize button to change the style or even add text to your apparel and non-apparel items. You can add your name.

Click here to learn how to customize apparel and non-apparel items.



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