Personalised Birthday gifts

Check out these beautiful personalised Birthday gifts that I created for my father and sister.

Inspiration behind personalised gifts

I was struggling to buy a present for my father and sister so I decided to create something that was sentimental.

Being the Photoshop Queen I used photoshop to create the personalised graphics. I then uploaded the personalised artwork on to be printed on the makeup bag, cup and wallet.

Personalised Makeup Bag

My sister loves cosmetics so I created a personalised makeup bag with her name on it, which is similar to a personalised makeup that I created for an ex-coworker.
The artwork on the makeup bag display the letters of her name and summarizes what each letter means.

personalised makeup bag

Personalised wallet and cup

I did this similar for my fathers birthday gift.

personalised birthday gift father wallet and cup
personalised cup and wallet for my father
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On the flip side of the cup, this shows the artwork just an ordinary Jamaican man dat ah try a ting.

My father always jokes to his studentst and myself and says ” he is just an ordinary Jamaican man dat ah a try ting.” Meaning he is just an ordinary Jamaican man trying to make a living. So I thought why not put this on a cup.

My father and sister loved their gifts.


If you want a personalised gift (cup, purse, wallet, cushion, T-shirt) for yourself, family member or friend email me at or call me on 07931796304.

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