personalised makeup bag and mug

Check out this personalised makeup bag and cup

personalized makeupbag and cup


This year I was a secret Santa for a co-worker who I got on well with.The Last couple of weeks I  noticed she was not her bubbly self.  As her secret Santa I decided to create something that was sentimental and would put a smile on her face. So whenever she was feeling down she can always look to her gift to lift her mood up. She loved her gifts!!

How I created the personalised makeup bag and Mug

Personalised makeup bag
Personalized makeup bag

The artwork was created using Adobe Photoshop, this provides a break down of her name and describes who she is.

The artwork on the makeup bag and cup display the letters of her name and summarizes what each letter means. This is similar to the personalized cup and jumper and  I am cheekie , which I created a couple months back.

I uploaded the artwork on to be used in the makeup bag and cup.


Personalised cup

On the flipside of the cup, I uploaded the artwork Don’t know, Don’t Care cus I am poppin!!!

Don’t Know, Don’t care cus I am poppin means I am not interested in what’s going around me and as I am hot.

Sarah was singing to me “You’re on and poppin” and since then I can’t get the word poppin out of my system.

Personalized cup
Personalized cup

Want your own Personalised makeup bag and mug

If you are interested and want a personalised mug or makeup bag with your name holla at me on or contact me on 07931796304.

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