Rude Gyal nuh Fear

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rude gyal nuh fear

Rude Gyal nuh fear stands for I am strong and I can get through this. Rude Gyal nuh fear gives young women the courage to tackle anything that comes to their path.

What is a Rude Gyal?

A rude gyal is a female that knows what she wants and does not care.  A rude gyal does not allow anybody to walk over her and is not afraid of anything hence the phrase “nuh fear”.

The inspiration behind the design

 I originally designed this jumper for myself. I used Adobe photoshop to create the artwork .The girl on the hoodie represents the Rude Gyal which is me. I used an old picture from myself taken in June 2017.

At the moment I am going through things and it has been tough and I’m like again, but then I have to pick myself up and tell myself rude Gyal nuh fear. With a change in mindset, I feel 100% better and I can deal with the situation.

As you go through this journey called life it is not always going to be smooth and plain sailing. There are going to be lot bumps and potholes ahead and you have to get over these and not allow yourself to fall into it or else you will be messed up.

rude gyal nuh fear
front of my custom jumper
Back of my custom jumper

Why young women should be a Rude Gyal

The design gives ladies and young women a confidence boost to stay strong and continue pushing through with whatever the challenges they are facing and not to worry.

As you grow through life, life becomes harder and you must be strong to deal with it.

Rude Gyal nuh fear merchandise

Rude Gyal nuh fear is available in apparel and non-apparel items.


Rude Gyal nuh fear is available in 158 apparel styles for females particularly for baby girls, young girls, adolescent girls, and grown women . You can select from a wide range of styles, colors and even sizes. This is also available in leggings, socks, and shoes.

Rude Gyal nuh fear apparel items

Non-Apparel items

Rude Gyal nuh fear is also available in non-apparel items such as notebooks, clocks, mobile phone cases, stickers and bags, wallets and much more.

Rude Gyal nuh fear non apparel

Personalise Rude Gyal

You can personalise apparel and non-apparel merchandise by adding your name . You can also customize apparel and non-apparel items of your choice by adding a background color of your choice.

You can purchase these items as a gift for your friends or family.
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