Stay cool for the summer with our Summer workout tips

Summer is finally here and boy the weather is HOT HOT HOT !  I love to jog in the sun and workout in my home but it can get uncomfortable especially when we have a heatwave.

summer workout tips

This article highlights summer workout tips on how to stay cool in the summer. So exercise fanatics can exercise no matter what despite how humid it is.

Summer Workout tips

Tip 1 carry a small bottle of water

Carry a small bottle of water when exercising. You do not want to feel dehydrated or dizzy in the heat.

Tip 2 avoid working out with a full stomach

Fruit of your choice

Don’t run on a full stomach in the scorching heat. This can cause vomiting or worse! If you feel peckish have half an apple or half glass of water or juice.

Tip 3 workout when its cool

Early Morning or Evening

If the weather forecast for the next day is going to be scorching, try exercising early morning or in the evening (before sunset). The weather is cool and you will not feel sticky .

Tip 4 wear thin running socks

Light socks

Sometimes you think exercising in trainers without wearing socks in the summertime is a good idea , as you think your feet can breathe but your wrong. Exercising without socks in the blistering heat can make your trainers damp and cause them to smell, which can lead to blisters . If you don’t want to wear thick socks opt for light socks which are breathable on your feet.

Tip 5 don’t wear heavy clothes

Light workout clothes

As the weather is getting hotter wear light breathable clothing.Avoid heavy garments which can weigh you down in the heat. Also, avoid wearing tight garments which can stick on your body especially when you sweat.


With the above tips remember to take it easy exercising when the weather is hot. When the weather is hot your body temperature rises so if you go full throttle with your workouts you can end up fainting.

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