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volana erupt apparel

The meaning behind I am volcano ready to erupt

I am designed this shirt for quiet folks to wear with pride. I am a volcano ready to erupt means that I can only tolerate so much nonsense before I explode.I designed the graphic using Adobe Photoshop.

Quiet people tend to bottle in their anger and frustrations rather than express it, but if they are provoked or pushed to breaking point they will burst. When Quiet people react or get upset it is not pretty because you do not know what they are capable off. 

I have been in situations where I have been targeted due to the fact that:

  • I am quiet
  • I avoid and I do not entertain drama;
  • I get on with it.
  • I keep to myself and do not follow the crowd

I may not be a boisterous or vocal but I am no doormat where people can stomp allover. I am not afraid to stand up for myself and put people in there place. When people realize that I don’t play they back off. I am not going to put up with slackness from anybody.

I am volcano ready to erupt Merchandise

Non-Apparel items

I am volcano ready to erupt is also available in 44 non-apparel items such as stickers,phone cases, ornaments and in kitchen essentials , seen below.

volcano erupt non-apparel

Apparel items

Volcano ready erupt is also available in apparel items for men,women, pregnant woman, children and babies.

This is also available in 153 styles.You can choose from a wide range of styles, colours and sizes. 

volcano erupt apparel
volcano erupt apparel


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