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In the united kingdom, the health and wellness industry in 2018 was valued at 26 billion euro and increase from 22.6 billion euro in 2013. The health and fitness industry will always continue to make revenue as people will try anything to lose weight. 

There are people who exploit the health industry for their own wallet as they know that people want to look good.
That just brings you my attention to DVDs.There are millions of DVDs but just be on your P’s and Qs to what you are buying.


If you going to buy a DVD follow these tips:
Buy a DVD from reputable people who are serious about :
• their health- they eat healthily and indulge in treats in moderation
• take pride in their body
• workout on a regular basis and enjoys doing this.
• For example, Jillian Michaels, Davina Mcall, Shaun T (The founder of hip hop abs) they are pioneers
• Not trying to enhance their fifteen minutes or replenish dried up savings.
• Only buy a DVD from a person if they have maintained their flawless figure over certain months and have stick to their new lifestyle


Why release a Workout DVD if you can’t keep up

There are a people who I should remain anonymous release DVDs and look nice and trim and toned but within a couple of months, they put the weight back on.

It is hard work trying to maintain a certain weight let alone a certain physique. When people realize that the results are not permanent and it is about a lifestyle change that is when the mess creep in.

Some people can not maintain a certain image. This proves that they were not into for the long haul and just curious. If they were serious about their health and weight they would look 100 times better than they did on the DVD cover.

Everyone has weight and size that their body is comfortable with and instead of trying to an unrealistic size and weight. Maybe if they were within at a healthy BMI weight, exercised and ate healthily and enjoyed food in moderation these people would be successful with keeping the weight off. 

DVD Scandal

In 2018  a TV personality person let slip that they went to a weight loss boot to lose weight rather than do exercises highlighted in the DVD. 

The TV Personality revealed that they exercised a couple of hours per day at boot camp and survived on smoothies and blueberries. Also at boot camp had taken diet pills. They had a contract with a DVD company to lose a certain amount of weight within a specific time frame.


The aftermath

Even though it was last year news this is still fresh as new DVD are popping up. 
Last year one and two personalities spoke on the scandal after they pocketed the profits of the sales.

The DVD was not a farce when they used the profits to buy a house. They were riding the coattails of the DVD success as they got endorsement deals and work offers were flooding in. Now that they admit to the DVD being a sham, are they are going to refund money back to customers who bought the DVD ? I don’t think so.

I don’t throw shade  I write facts.

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