Yuh can tek di gyal outta Jamaica

Check out this custom design tote bag which I personally designed for myself. Yuh can tek di gyal out of Jamaica , but yuh cyaan tek Jamaica out of di gyal.

yuh can tek di gyal outta jaamica but yuh cyann tek jamaica outta di gyal

Meaning behind Yuh can tek Di gyal outta Jamaica

Yuh can tek di gyal outta Jamaica is derieved from the popular idiom you can take the person out, but I add a Jamaican flare to it using patios.

This means you can take the girl out of Jamaica , but you can’t take Jamaica out of the girl. This means wherever I go or live I will always have my Jamaican ways and you can’t take the Jamaican out of me. I am of Jamaican maroon heritage through my maternal grandmother. The design is uplifting to be proud of my Jamaican roots.

How I designed Yuh can tek

I designed the image using Adobe Photoshop using various text affects and Artistic filters. Instead of using words I used pictures instead. The island represents Jamaica and the girl represent gyal (girl). The girl flinging her arms is me and is a old picture from June 2017.


I copied the image from the Rude Gyal nuh fear jumper to be used on the tote bag.

Future Designs

I will uploading this artwork on apparel and non apparel items which will be avaliable on sale on and . I will also be creating a separate design for young men .

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